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Electropia by Interslice

with Aaron Slice

Electropia by Interslice is a continuation of that campus radio curation that, after a bit of a hiatus due to life circumstances, has found new life and opportunity via Big E Radio. Aaron developed a love for electronic music between early Much Dance compilations and 16-bit video game soundtracks. Electropia by Interslice is a unique take that aims to circumvent expectations of what electronic music is, was, and possibly will be.


Aaron Slice is a veteran of the Edmonton music and radio scene, having been a frequent patron and occasional participant of various Edmonton live music events as well as a host of his own specially curated campus radio show for several years. As a musician and graphic artist, his contributions and support of the local scene are a small yet equally vital part of the collective whole in the rich tapestry that is the Edmonton music scene.

Saturdays   at 10:00pm Mountain

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