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Both Sides Now

with Raj Nigam

If you’re between the ages of 40-80, there’s a reasonable chance that listening to record albums was a formative part of your existence. Starting midway through the 1960’s, a greater emphasis was placed on entire collections of songs, as opposed to singles, which was oftentimes how the artist originally intended them to be heard. The pace of society today is sometimes dizzying, and taking the time to listen to an entire album sometimes seems like a luxury we can’t, or won’t, afford ourselves. 


Join host Raj Nigam for “Both Sides Now” and treat yourself to an oasis of aural calm as he takes you back to the days when albums were the soundtrack of your heady youth. Each week, we’ll explore a different record all the way through, hear a bit about the artists and remember when lying on your bedroom floor poring over the liner notes, staring intently at the pictures of your favourite artists, and hanging onto every lyric of every song—even the ones you didn’t like—was a way of life. 


Raj has spent a goodly chunk of his life as a working musician, hitting, banging on and making things go ‘TING!’ with a wide variety of bands, including the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. He’s currently playing with noted 80’s band Darkroom, and can always be counted on if your band needs a wicked triangle solo...

Wednesdays   at 8:00pm Mountain

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