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Social Audio

with Ms. Lily & Sparky Vegas

"Music is a social function. Sharing music brings communication, coordination, cooperation and empathy and good-ass times!


Sharing stories about the songs you love. You know the one. 

The one you wanted your friends to hear on that mix tape, on vinyl while hanging out in a dark basement, in your room alone or any unexpected times. 

Does it bring back a great memory, emotion or is it as  simple as "f**k" this is awesome, and you NEED to hear it!"

We wanna share it! 

Let's share our music, our stories and be more "social". 

Sparky Vegas is co-producer, muse,  occasional on-air personality and forever weirdo  of  Ms. Lily, on Social Audio. He brings the groove through his tasty basslines for YEG rockers, Shaguar, which coincidentally is fronted by Ms. Lily.


Ms. Lily is our resident House Hobbit and full time host of Social Audio.

Her claim to fame is not only being  the polyamorous love child of Alfred E Neuman, Dame Edna and Betty Boop but the magnanimous frontperson for rockin’ YEG band, Shaguar. 

Social - "designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure."

Audio - " used in the transmission or reception of sound."

 Mondays   at 7:00pm Mountain

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