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The BBRF    Hour

with Maggie Tate
Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival

The Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival Hour - The BBRF Hour - is a series created and curated by Maggie Tate, who has been one of the volunteers organizing and managing the Festival since 2013.Over the past 14 years, the Festival’s stages have hosted both local and national talent, and is the longest running all-Canadian music festival. Creating a series to feature BBRF alumni was an easy decision for Maggie, and she is playing as much music from each artist as she can get her hands on.Each episode is focusing on one band, one performer, who has played at the Beaumont Blues, and the series is moving forward in time, starting with the Festival’s first year back in 2008. Maggie is looking to grow the music catalogue with each show, and welcomes submission’s of both music and information for future shows and to enhance current shows too.

Sundays   at 3:30pm Mountain

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