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Synthesized & Improvised

with Simon

Welcome to Synthesized & Improvised, the show that takes you through a spectrum of music every week.   You’ll hear the music of jazz legends, modern trailblazers, classical prodigies, experimental artists, and more!  Join me, Simon Williams on Wednesday nights as I take you through some of my favorite music, focusing on unique sounds and inspiring solos. 


I’m a young musician born and raised in Edmonton, and I have a passion for exploring new and interesting music.  My tastes go all across the map and I’m excited to share them on Big E!  I have studied music all my life and through piano lessons, band and jazz band, choir, and more!  I have had the privilege of studying under some of Edmonton's finest musicians and educators and want to honour all those I’ve learned from by sharing the music they developed my appreciation for!


The name synthesized and improvised is meant to encompass a wide variety of music, not just jazz solos and sine waves.  It’s purpose is to provide a framework from which the music can be interpreted, whether it’s artists like Jon Batiste blending American folk songs with his style of New Orleans piano, or a live recording where a “mistake” leads to musicians exploring brand new paths in their music.  Synthesizing old and new ideas in music, and adapting to unplanned situations, hearing these things performed by masters of their art is always exciting and I can’t wait to take you on this journey. 

Wednesdays   at 7:00pm Mountain

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