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The RCR Records Show

with Sacha Hubert & Chris Pigeot

The RCR Records show was created by Slant Six singer Sacha Hubert owner of the RCR Records label and co-host Chris Pigeot, Slant Six drummer and label associate. The show was created to feature not only bands on the label but all Edmonton and area bands. There is phenomenal talent going unnoticed in the region and the founders wanted to help bring it to the forefront. A great many rock bands appear on the show as well as some blues and the occasional country bands.


Sacha founded the Indie record label RCR Records in 2015,
and returned to the stage to became co-founder of the band Slant Six later that year. Eventually drummer Chris Pigeot would join them, and his friendship with singer Sacha Hubert led to Chris getting involved in RCR Records and works with Sacha on many facets of the Indie label, as a sound engineer, a graphic designer and IT technician. Together Sacha and Chris then created the RCR Records show.

Mondays   at 7:00pm Mountain

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