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Kerry'd Away

with Kerry Winter

Kerry is a trained vocalist and dancer, lead singer of Edmonton Goth band, KVK’s Scarlet Haze, and co-founder and volunteer at Edmonton’s Women of Rock.
Kerry has a wide taste in music. Being born into the transitional time of the mid 70’s, and the tail end of Generation X, Kerry relates to all types of music and appreciates all types of musicians from Billy Idol to Billie Eilish, and everything in between (Like Billy
Joel said...”It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”).
You’ll be sure to hear old favorites, and find new ones, on this show! With a heavy focus on alternative and indie music of all kinds, this show brings you something different every week!


Alternative, Indie, Post-Punk, Post-Grunge, New Wave, Rock, Metal

Saturdays   at 7:00pm Mountain

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